Tuesday, August 5, 2008

We made it to P-town!!! 4300 miles!

We finished the 2008 Pan Massachusetts Challenge in Provincetown, MA this past Sunday. Riding with 5,000 other cyclists was very exciting and we treated the two-day 200 mile fundraising ride as our victory lap for the Pan USA Challenge.

When we arrived in Sturbridge, MA for the start of the PMC weekend we were immediately thrilled to be among so many other cyclists adamant about riding and, more importantly, about fundraising for cancer. For those cyclists out there, you already know that you are part of a very strong and friendly community of fellow cyclists. If you couple that sense of community with the pro-cancer research community then the PMC is what you get – it is like nothing else we’ve ever been a part of. The comfortable sense of belong that Jamie and I feel is truly indescribable. Jamie’s first words at the opening ceremonies were “This is awesome, dude. I’m a PMC’er for life.”

At 6am Saturday morning we were off to Cape Cod with the other cyclists, all donning the 2008 PMC jersey to heighten the sense of unification – it’s like an army of cancer fundraisers – check out some of the pics on the blog. As we rode along people noticed us from the mention we got at the opening ceremonies and they asked all about our trip. The most common response from other riders was something along the lines of “Ugh, I really wish I could do that. That’s really inspiring, congratulations!” The recognition was really rewarding for us.

Sunday we rode over the Bourne bridge onto Cape Cod and snaked along 6A to Provincetown, MA, which was the very very end. In fact, you cannot go any further and we just couldn’t believe we were almost done. We were welcomed to P-town by a beautifully orchestrated welcoming committee of friends and family wearing our Pan USA t-shirts and holding a huge “MEROLLA!” sign. Our 4,300th mile rolling into P-town on what would have been Susan Merolla’s 56th birthday was the proudest moment of our lives. We threw fist pumps, we laughed, we cried and oh man did we celebrate.

We really cannot thank our supportive friends and family enough, you know who you are. This would not have been possible without y’all.

And now for the icing on the cake, please help us reach our fundraising goal of $75,000. Please continue to share our story with family and friends. T-shirts are also still available for purchase (with all proceeds going towards our fundraising goal).

Stay tuned for more updates (photos, fundraising progress, etc.)

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Diane C said...

WAY TO GO JUSTIN AND JAMIE!!! It was so fun to track you across the country - and to see you on Saturday at the lunch stop and at Bourne, you looked great! We will wear your blue bracelets proudly and keep spreading the word about your fundraising. Maybe you start in Alaska next summer...
Happy resting! Diane and Steve Ciesinski