Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Virginia, baby! Virginia!

We are happy to report that we’ve climbed over some of the Appalachians and into Virginia! For those of you who don’t know, Virginia borders the Atlantic Ocean…we are almost there. Lately we have had a hard time wrapping our heads around how far we’ve ridden. Although we are obviously aware that we are riding from coast to coast, we still can’t really comprehend how far away we are from San Francisco. If you have no idea what I’m talking about then the next time you take out a map of the United States, put one finger on San Francisco and put another finger on Wytheville, VA. You gotta see it to believe it I guess.

We’ve gotten a lot of inquiries about how much weight we’ve lost over the course of the trip. The answer is…we’re not really sure because no major changes have occurred. We’ve tried not to be too calorie deficient, which has been an absolute blast. Just the other day I had apple pie a la mode three times. Count it! We eat whatever we want and we appear to have even lost a few pounds. We aren’t, however, completely emaciated as some people may suspect.

As for our leg strength and fitness – the improvement is clear. After all these climbs and long days on the bike, we have become noticeably stronger and faster riders. As we climbed a 5 mile mountain at 7% into Virginia we couldn’t help but think how we wouldn’t have been able to do a climb like that before we left 7 weeks ago. Once Ben shows up and we dump the trailers in his car, we’re going to fly on these bikes. We’ve even tried to follow the Tour de France a little bit this month and saw that yesterday during a climb through the Pyrenees, the pro cyclists climbed up a mountain that was about 9 miles at 7% - sans trailers. Seeing that we could do a similar climb (although probably at half the speed) was really inspiring and made us feel fit, which any athlete would agree, is really gratifying.

Now for the quote of the week…

After a short 25 mile half-day Jamie said:“Whoa today really was a half-day; I ate only a waffle with syrup, two oranges, two bananas, two hot dogs covered in chili, cheese and slaw, one pulled pork BBQ sandwich, one Clif bar, one smoked chicken sandwich, French fries, potato skins, a salad and an Oreo brownie sundae.” And that was all before 8 o’clock pm.

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sm said...

Apple pie a la mode three times?! You two are hilarious. Keep it up!