Sunday, July 13, 2008

Milestones Hangin’ out the (tender) Caboose

We are now in Hazard, Kentucky after a week filled with milestones. First, we have entered the Eastern Standard Time zone so the clock on my bike computer is finally correct again. We have also past the three-thousand mile mark (WOO-WOO) and we have officially entered the Appalachian Mountains. We know that we are in Appalachia because the number of leash-less dogs has increased as we’ve pedaled through the mountains. These dogs pop out from everywhere and they chase us up and down the hills. No dangerous attacks yet though, knock on wood.

Recently the riding has become a bit more difficult due to fatigue (both mental and physical) and as the terrain has become incredibly steep. Our muscles are very tired and we are very excited to meet up with Ben and the sag wagon in a few days to help us out with the last of the mountains.

The biggest news lately is undoubtedly the addition of our two new riding mates. Adrienne and Candice are two lovely young ladies from Ohio who are riding to Virginia Beach, VA. Riding with the girls is really fun because they add some new perspective and it is nice to talk to someone other than each other. Meeting up with them has made the mental battle through the Midwest a lot easier – thanks ladies!

The next entry will be from Virginia…almost home!

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Diane C said...

Hang in there boys, you are almost done! Glad you found some riding partners and that Ben will come meet you soon - see you in Bourne!