Monday, June 2, 2008

Some big news after Days 1 thru 4

Sorry so long since our last post - I'm sure some of you would like to know how everything is going, but we couldn't blog bc we didn't have internet access and when we did we were sooo tired.

First things first. After a relaxing and wonderful stay with family friends in Palo Alto & San Fran (thank you!), it was time to hit the road. Although a foggy morning on our first day, we still took some great pictures under the Golden Gate Bridge (see the photo gallery). Then it was off for Sacramento. Snaking through the vineyards of northern California was unforgettable, especially being deprived water from a rude campground host near Lake Solano. We arrived at the house of Ben's relatives in Sacramento just in time for a monster burrito and some carrot cake (thank you!).

But...Ben's knee injury from snowboarding weeks ago flared up worse than anticipated and he reluctantly admitted that he just couldn't continue riding with us. Sad but true. As the trooper he is, Ben stuck on board with us and rented a minivan to carry our gear for us as we ride deep into the Sierra Nevada mountains and the Rockies. Needless to say, having no trailer is far easier than towing the weight, even on the flatter days.

We've made it a priority to eat tons, drink tons and to simply have no regard for limiting caloric intake - it's a ton of fun to eat whatever the heck you want. It really is. Ben drives ahead of us and buys tons of snacks and sports drinks and then meets us on the side of the road for refueling. It's a pretty good system. Not to mention that the minivan is just rockin' out and perfect for a road trip.

The last two days were longer than the first two. Yesterday we rode up Carson's Pass and rode 50miles up the mountain, climbing 7,000 feet. It was exhausting, but we luckily had some great nachos and a nice log cabin B&B (definitely for romantic couple get-aways...weird) waiting for us at the end of the day. Today we rode 100 pretty flat miles from the snowcovered mountains at Carson's Pass (yes, there really was snow on the ground) down through Carson City (yes, we did play a slot machine in our bike gear) to Fallon, Nevada (yes, it's true that US-50 is "The Loneliest Rode in America" and we haven't even gotten to the boring part yet).

To answer the most common question we've gotten so far: our butts are the most sore part of our bodies.

All in all, we are doing great. Happy, healthy and on schedule. Thanks for all the recent support!

Well that's all for now...bedtime. We'll blog again when we have more connectivity. Hopefully soon.


Anonymous said...

Keep it up bud. Wish I could have seen you in SF.

-Your gnome forever

jbutler said...

How great that Ben is still able to accompany you on the trip (and bring the goods)
It sounds like you've already gone a fair bit of miles
Do you have a map/schedule we can follow?
Eat well (sounds like)
Sleep well
see you later

bcg119 said...

I've been through that Carson City pass on US50 before - it was brutal enough driving it, nevermind biking it. Keep up the good work, kid! Definitely going to be making my way down to P-town for the finish. I know that's a ways away, but best of luck till then!

Unknown said...

I'm following your story from Toronto, Ontario. You three are an inspiration to us all, thank you.
Looking forward to more posts.

Gail said...

I just ran across your blog this morning, thanks to Adventure Cycling Bike Bits Vol. 10, No. 11, June 4, 2008. I am so very jealous of your adventure that you are partaking. I am also a rider of bikes and will ride in the Border Raiders Ride ( later this month.
I am in Kansas and it looks like you will be somewhere close to the area that I live in. My husband and I run a Hunting & Guide Service. We have our lodge (for the most part) empty this time of the year. It has all modern conveniences that you may need, and I am offering it to you to stay in. It is in Delphos, KS (5 miles off of US Hwy 81). If you are interested in staying here let me know how I can contact you.
I am encouraged by your adventure, as I am sure you have encouraged a lot of Americans!
Good job!!

Valou said...

Ben, I'm disappointed I won't get my pic of you with nice biking muscles and stuff, but I'm glad you're helping these guys out carrying their burden!
You shouldn't eat as much as they do, right?

Keep up guys, you're amazing

max said...

Ben, sorry to hear that! Keep the cheerleading up!!!!!