Thursday, May 22, 2008

Let the countdown begin!

This Wednesday we fly out to San Francisco, CA to begin the Pan USA Challenge. The three of us are all pretty excited and are looking forward to getting started. A lot has happened in the past few weeks – most notably, we have raised nearly $13,000 already! Also, the Pan Mass Challenge Public Relations team offered to step in and help us get some mutually beneficial media exposure. This has helped spread the word and support of the Pan USA Challenge significantly. Over the course of the trip we will work with our PR team to schedule more interviews with the local news organizations in advance of our arrival in each town. This will let people know that we’re coming and hopefully yield a warmer welcome and generate additional fundraising dollars for the Jimmy Fund at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston.

Also, Justin teamed up with a friend from college to discuss other ways we can market our cross-country trip. Together we decided to have t-shirts and awareness wristbands made that bear our logo and website. The t-shirts are black with our logo (that cool graphic on the top of this website, courtesy of Spencer Merolla) on the back and with our website address printed over the left chest in the front. The awareness wristbands are blue and have “” written on them. We’ll be selling them along the way (and to anyone else who would like one!) and donating all of the proceeds towards our fundraising goal.

Additionally, we have developed an approximate itinerary for where we will be riding to and from on each day, how many miles per day and where we plan to take our rest days –yes, we will be taking rest days. The final average for the entire trip will be about 80 miles per day with some much shorter days (I already hate the Rocky Mountains) and some much longer days (I love the tail winds through the Great Plains).

Over our final days of preparation we are doing a ton of riding, doing some interviews and getting all of the necessary camping and cycling gear organized. It’s been a hectic past few weeks getting everything together but we have all of our bases covered and are anxiously awaiting the start of our adventure in San Francisco.

Oh yeah, and sorry for the short notice, but if you are in the Boston area on Thursday May 22, watch Fox news at 5pm and at 10pm to see Jamie and I talk about the Pan USA Challenge!!!

Also, be sure to check back as we add more photos to the gallery of some more training rides to Montauk, NY.

Stay tuned for more updates before we start pedaling…

Thanks for all of the support so far!

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