Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Last days in NY and our arrival in San Francisco

The last few days in New York preparing were hectic at times, but we got everything together in time and we’ve arrived in San Francisco!

Before we left we had to have our bikes boxed up so they could be checked on the plane, we had to box up the trailers and mail them ahead of us to San Fran. We also had to gather all the last minute camping and cycling gear that we’ll be bringing with us. Of course we made time to pose for some photos and take some interviews with a few media/news organizations interested in our adventure.

I was expecting lots of butterflies the night before our flight, but all of us slept pretty well because we were all just so exhausted. The trip to the airport was our first hiccup of the trip…we made a small wrong turn en route to JFK and the three of us and our driver (thanks, Simon and Corey!) couldn’t believe that we made a navigational error before the real trip even started! We were, however, able to laugh at ourselves once we arrived at JFK on time and in one piece.

Once at the airport, we got some weird looks as we strolled in with our bright yellow cargo duffel bags and our big bike boxes, but we checked them in and boarded our plane. Over the course of the flight, contrary to advice we had received, we looked out the window at the vast country passing beneath us. As we effortlessly cruised at 500mph and soared over the Rockies Jamie, Ben and I couldn’t help but exchange excited looks that seemed to say “This is going to be a lot harder on the way back…” and “Whoa, those mountains have snow on ‘em…what did we get ourselves into?!”

When we landed the enormity of our adventure continued to set in. This was very real; we were in San Francisco, about 4,100 miles from our ultimate destination: the 2008 Pan Mass Challenge finish line in Provincetown, MA with nothing to get us there but our bikes, our legs and our determination.

Now to reassemble our bikes, relax and visit some family friends before we dip our rear tires in the Pacific to kick off the ride on Friday.


Matt Eisenberg said...

Hey guys, just found out about your ride. If you end up riding through Telluride in southwestern Colorado, let me know, you can crash at my place. I rode from here to Larchmont last summer raising money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation, so I know where you're coming from (and what's in store). Best of luck to you.

Unknown said...

Hey fellow PMCers,

I just came across your incredible story and wanted to send some encouragement and good wishes for a safe and life-affirming journey.

As a fellow PMC rider (my 7th) and having ridden across the country as well (Seattle to Atlantic City in the inaugural 1987 Trans-America Bike Trek - 197 riders raising $1.3 million for the American Lung Association), I can somewhat identify with your biking challenges.

Live it to its fullest - and record it well. It's an experience of a life time and you'll look back on it many years from now with very fond memories.

The Boston Globe printed a piece I wrote about our journey and rereading it brings it all back 21 years later.

See you in Sturbridge - or Provincetown.

Keep on keepin' on!!

Jack Fultz

Lynette said...

I met Justin and team on the Ferry from San Francisco to Vallejo at noon on Friday, May 30. I commute to my job with Levi Strauss on this ferry. They were on their way to Sacramento. The day was cool and clear... a beautiful day to start their incredible journey. I wish them well on their travels and hope they can come back to the Bay Area sometime and spend a bit more time here.

Lynette Comstock